About Cyber Valley

Cyber Valley is bringing together international key players from science and industry to concentrate their research activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Supported through the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Cyber Valley partners will establish new research groups and professorships in the fields of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision in a new research center in the Stuttgart-Tübingen area in Germany. A key element of the project will be the training of more than 100 doctoral students.

Cyber Valley will create a stimulating ecosystem for technology transfer in the field of Artificial Intelligence through a new model of cooperation between science and industry. After all, when it comes to the development of intelligent systems, the path from basic research to commercialisation is often very short. Startups that originate in the research environment are the engines of this development. The promotion of these startups calls for the close dovetailing of science and industry.

Cyber Valley Research Groups

Through Cyber Valley, initially five Research Groups, funded by the core partners, will be established at the Max Planck Institute, and four additional Groups, financed by endowment funds, will be set up at the universities.

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New Professorships

As further core elements of Cyber Valley, 10 new professorships, some of which will partially be financed by endowment funds, will be established at the University of Tübingen and at the University of Stuttgart.

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International Max Planck Research School

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Intelligent Systems will start in Summer 2017. This new graduate school program will admit more than 100 Ph.D. students in coming years.

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