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BinDoc and Field 33 join start-up network

Cyber Valley’s AI community now counts 25 start-ups
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Research meets gaming

AI GameDev for scientists and start-ups
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Cyber Valley adds five shooting stars to its Start-up Net...

Europe’s largest AI consortium selects companies on the basis of their innovative stren...
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Kickoff AI!

Exploiting the economic opportunities of artificial intelligence
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AI for rent

Comparison of the four providers AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft
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Cyber Valley Start-up Network continues to grow

GaussML and Smart Site Solutions rely on AI software to optimize production processes
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Cyber Valley expands its Start-up Network with AIRAmed an...

Tübingen start-ups offer fast and objective AI analysis in the health and agricultural ...
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Seeding and Early Funding Opportunities

Third virtual workshop of the Cyber Valley Entrepreneurship Series on October 29.
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Cyber Valley welcomes five new members to its Start-Up Ne...

Testimony to the broad scope of AI expertise in southwestern Germany
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Neue Stiftungsprofessur „Entrepreneurship in Technologie ...

Universität Stuttgart bündelt Aktivitäten im Bereich Gründung und Unternehmertum mit ne...
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Cyber Valley Start-up Network welcomes two new members

43IT and eye2you have enhanced the network with two additional fields
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Understanding the significance of data

Prof. Steffen Staab appointed new Cyber Valley Professor for “Data Analytics” at the Un...
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Cyber Valley launches Start-Up Network

The Cyber Valley Start-Up Network aims to build a community of entrepreneurs in the fie...
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Fraunhofer Gesellschaft joins Cyber Valley

Cooperation between Germany’s leading research institutions further strengthens Baden-W...
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Go-ahead for Cyber Valley

Science and industry form one of Europe's largest research partnerships in artificial i...
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